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Insurance Claim Process

  1. Don't file a claim until you have your property inspected by a McBride representative or other professional. Most carriers do not let you remove a claim once it is filed, making it a part of your permanent claim record. You want to be sure you have enough damage to be worthy of a claim prior to filing it. 

  2. Upon inspection of the property, we provide a verbal report on our findings and let you know if pursuing a claim is in your best interest. 

  3. Call your insurance carrier's claim department to file the claim. Provide them our contact information for the field adjuster's inspection as we require to be present. 

  4. On the day of the inspection, it is common for our representative to use chalk to indicate areas damaged. Our representative will show the adjuster all areas of concern. 

  5. After the inspection, the adjuster will send you their initial estimate. Upon receipt, you will send this estimate to McBride. Our on staff estimator will verify it and initiate the supplementation stage if needed. 

  6. Upon completion of the supplementation stage, your McBride representative will walk through the final estimate and scope with you. At this time you may elect for upgrades beyond the insurance scope and price. 

  7. After the construction stage is complete a final walk through with you and your McBride representative will take place. Any punch list items will be completed. 

  8. Upon completion, we will notify your insurance carrier to release the remaining funds which will be due to McBride upon receipt. 

  9. After final payment you will be issued a warranty if applicable and saved in our database if future issues arise. 


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