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How to pick a quality contractor

Get Recommendations:

The best place for recommendations is to start with your friends and family. That is where most of our referrals come from. We can also provide numerous references for you to call on, and properties to look at that we have completed. 

Do Phone Interviews: 

Generate a list of all your questions and concerns. Ask if the contractor takes on projects of your size, if they are willing to provide references, suppliers, lists of previous clients, and what their availability and ability is. You want to ask the right questions to ensure the contractor you hire is reliable and available. At McBride, we have completed projects from $150 to several million.


Meet Face to Face:

Once you are comfortable with 2-3 contractors ask for them to send an appropriate representative to meet with you. A contractor should be able to answer your questions satisfactorily and in a manner that puts you at ease. Also be sure to check the BBB and other online review sources as it is easy to be tricked by a great personality. 


Investigate the Facts: 

Call on the references and past clients provided. Ask if the contractor did what they said they were going to do and kept the job site neat and safe. 


Don’t Let Price Be Your Guide: 

If your project is an insurance claim then the pricing will be determined after the supplementation stage (see insurance claim process). However, if it is a non-insurance project, be sure to throw out the lowball bid. This contractor is usually cutting corners or desperate for work. Beyond technical competence, comfort should play a greater role in your decision. In a healthy economy, it is not an encouraging sign to see a low bid. 

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